St.Peters Reach First Hogan Cup Final

St.Peters College of Wexford came out on top of their semi-final clash against St.Marys of Derry today. 

In the end, the Wexford natives won by the minimum- on a scoreline of 2:10-2:09. Both Rory O Connor and Quinn Saunders scored the crucial goals to attain the win.

The result meant that the Peters will now make a journey to Croke Park in ten days to face Kerry side, St.Brendans of Killarney.


Lately, St.Brendans of Killarney ran out comprehensive winners against St.Colmans of Claremorris in Mayo. They beat the Mayo side on a scoreline of 3-13 to 1-11.

What an achievement! Hopefully, they will go all the way now in which would be an incredible and momentous victory for St Peters and Wexford football.

A Kerry v Wexford All-Ireland Football final in 2017… who could have thought it?

Wexford Weekly. 


2 Replies to “St.Peters Reach First Hogan Cup Final”

  1. The ref was shocking btw. Ignoring literal head locks, violent trip ups and shoves from St Peters but awarding frees for pulling a jersey by St Marys. Disgraceful! For once, and I’ve never said this before, the better team lost. Then again southern refs always tend to leave the Northern Teams at a disadvantage


  2. Wow that’s seriously being butt hurt about the loss whoever posted that , conjuring up reasons your side lost is just sad … the better team by far won , there was physicality from both teams and rules were respected , do not try and justify a loss with falsities and take from a well deserved victory ,
    Kind regards,
    Anyone who is not blinded by loss


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