Mattie Forde Slams Wexford Journalist For False Article

Former Wexford Gaelic footballer Mattie Forde has been in the headlines today for his supposed slamming of the Wexford County Board. 

Across many national news and sports websites including the Irish Independent, and RTE, the words Mattie Forde believes that the Wexford GAA officials “don’t give a damn” about Wexford football headlined various articles.

The articles which were further published on the RTE website and the website have since been removed. However, the article which was initially written by renowned Wexford sports journalist Brendan Furlong remains to be viewed on the Irish Independent website. 

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A big statement indeed by the current Kilanerin/Ballyfad player and a statement that would certainly warrant an inquisition. That being, of course, if what he said was to be true and if it was from Forde’s own mouth, instead of the journalists.

When Forde realised that he was headlining various websites and social media, he took to his own Twitter account to state that Furlong wrote an entirely incorrect article:

“Just like people to know, ALL Brendan Furlong’s words not mine. Only quote I did give was ‘Wouldn’t be involved due to the minor situation'”.

According to Furlong, Forde stated “I’m done with Wexford football, basically those at the top don’t give a damn about Wexford football,” comments that certainly portray the opposite of McEnaney’s past views on the set-up.

Notably, as Seamus McEnaney often stated that the Wexford County board gave the Wexford Senior footballers everything possible, undoubtedly this comes as a huge surprise not only to Matty Forde but also to many who follow Wexford football.

“The driving was the single biggest reason because the county board and the players were top class. We had whatever we needed and the respect, commitment and the attitude of the players couldn’t be questioned.”

“Sometimes in a dual county one of the codes feel like they are missing out, but I can guarantee you we got everything that the hurlers got this year.”

Certainly, the injustices that were involved with last year’s Wexford minor football set-up needed to be highlighted, but now this has been completely blown out of proportion.