U-21 Premier Football Match Abandoned In Bellefield

It’s Saturday, November 25, and two under-21 football teams have lined out to play in the u-21 Premier football championship. 

In Bellefield’s ground in Enniscorthy this evening, the Starlights u-21’s hosted a travelling St Martins side.

Under lights between two top attacking teams, the game had the making of a serious contest between the two clubs that previously met in the Wexford Senior Football final. However, with less than 15 minutes played in the game, the Bellefield floodlights failed – and the players were left in complete darkness before they eventually made their way back to their respective dressing rooms.

Screenshot (147)
Picture credit: @StMartinsGAA


At the time when the lights went out, St Martins were winning on a scoreline of 2-02 – 0-02, and revenge for their club’s senior football final loss looked the likely result.

Despite the St Martins Twitter account seeing the comical side of things, it’s certainly not what the players, management or supporters want. Obviously, the malfunction was unplanned, but maybe with a higher standard of planning in place, this fixture wouldn’t have needed to be played in November under floodlights in the first place.

As most club teams will join back up in January for pre-season, one would almost feel sorry for many of these players who will have no break whatsoever…


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