Kevin Doyle Explains How He Got Involved With Wexford GAA U20 Set-Up

“Kevin Doyle now has an advisory role with the Wexford u20 footballers.”

That’s a headline not many GAA folks expected to read… 

Former inter-county footballer and current Wexford u20 manager Eric Bradley announced the news via Twitter on Wednesday.

Speaking to Off The Ball, Doyle explained his link to the Wexford u-20 team and how he managed to get involved with the set-up:

A friend of mine is involved, Eric Bradley, that I would have played soccer and football with growing up.

He was a former inter-county footballer and he’s involved with the U20s and he rang a few weeks ago wondering if I’d go in and speak with the lads and help out a few nights; just bring a bit of publicity and something else to it.

I haven’t been watching a whole lot of Gaelic football over the years, since I stopped playing. It’ll be fun, it’ll be fun to see something a bit different and help in whatever way I can.

I don’t know what I’m going to add to the mix but at least we’re talking about it.

Alongside Bradley in the set-up is PJ Banville, Kevin O’Reilly and Brendan Kehoe who was ratified as manager in November ’17.

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