Davy Fitz Hails Wexford Fans For Support And Hopes They Will “Never Change”

Speaking to Sinead Kehoe recently, Davy Fitzgerald hailed Wexford fans for their passion and their continued positive attitude. 

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From Clare, the journey down to the South East was always going to be an off-putter, but with the persistence of former Chairman Diarmuid Deveraux, Fitzgerald eventually agreed on the offer. 

“I love doing stuff that you’re not meant to do. That’s how I ended up here, it was a bit of pig-headedness. Even ‘feck the drive, I’m going to have cut at it.” 

“A year and a half later, no regrets so far.”

One thing the Wexford Senior hurling manager noticed since his arrival in the Model County is a pure passion, a drive and a continued upbeat attitude of the Wexford fans. 

“I hope the fans never change, it’s made me want to keep doing the journey. I actually want to win for them so badly. In any of the matches we’ve played, we haven’t got stick and that’s kind of amazing because in any job I’ve been in so far, you get it.”

Looking ahead of the new round-robin fixture, Fitzgerald, like the Wexford hurling fans, know the players will give their everything to come out with a win in each game. 

“They need have no fear, we’re working hard, I won’t get it right all the time on the sideline but we will play our hearts out for Wexford.”

“The lads give me every single ounce. We work exceptionally hard every day we go out and I’m telling you we will win more games than we lose.”


Wexford host Dublin in the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship on Sunday, May 20th in Wexford Park. 

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