Lee Chin: “We Don’t Underestimate The Victories We Get Over Kilkenny…”

Lee Chin has hailed the Yellowbellies recent comeback over Kilkenny as ‘massive’ in a recent article with Pat Nolan of The Irish Mirror…

Chin, who is peaking in form again, excelled against the Cats on Sunday, raising three white flags with 0-03 from open-play.

That fear that Wexford sides once had with Kilkenny has disappeared since the beginning of Davy Fitzgerald’s reign as manager. All to often, the Model County came out the wrong side of results throughout the last two decades with the Cats, so it’s particularly nice for Wexford folk to attain a few victories over them.

“It’s massive. We don’t underestimate Kilkenny at all and we don’t underestimate the victories that we get over them now and again.”

“Over the last number of years it has been a 50-50 battle where two teams are coming together and are leaving it all on the field.”

“We don’t know what way it is going to go now on a day when we come together, Kilkenny have won some, we have won some, every day we go out it’s just about preparing as best you can for the likes of a Kilkenny.”

“They’ve been a force over the last number of years, any team around Ireland coming to play Kilkenny, they are fully prepared for what’s coming. Look, we’re delighted with the win today, we won’t take it for granted and look it’s on now to next week,” he said to the Irish Mirror.

Wexford were five points down at the interval, but players like Lee Chin, Rory O’Connor, Kevin Foley, Dee O’Keeffe and Jack O’Connor inspired a comeback which saw the Model County overcome the Cats by seven. While the weather was a significant factor, it does not – and should not – undermine Wexford’s achievement and excellent comeback that now places them into a League quarter-final against Galway.

“Going out in the second half we just said, ‘Look at it, we’re not losing the battles all over the field so we’ll just go out and do everything simple, bide our time and hopefully get a few scores on the board early in the second half.”

“We trusted ourselves that we’d stay honest going out in the second half. It’s a simple game and we wanted to keep fighting our way and being honest in the second half, like we thought we were in the first half.”

Featured Image Credit: Nicola Reddy Photography