Sam McCauley Chemists Gives Significant Financial Aid To New Wexford GAA Initiative

It’s little things like this that can make a big difference…

According to a report in the Irish Independent, the initiative is to create a ‘wellness’ scheme for Wexford GAA, “to help boost the mental resilience of young players.”

Sam McCauley chemists have came on board, and will support Wexford GAA with their new initiative. Initiatives like this have become commonplace in the workplace environment, however, it’s Ireland’s first wellness scheme for a sports organisation.

A significant figure, of €100,000, has been received by Wexford GAA from Sam McCauley Chemists to support the introduction and implementation of the new programme.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Wexford’s co-captain Matt O’Hanlon said:

“The more role models that you have coming forward talking about how they have been struggling in certain areas of their lives, the easier it can be for younger kids to come forward to talk about it. This can only be a positive…”

Across Ireland, the GAA plays a central role in communities, and according to Wexford GAA vice-chairman Michael Martin, Wexford’s Senior players “are very much on board with it…promoting it with the local community.”

As Wexford is one of the worst affected counties for suicide rates in Ireland, Wexford GAA can only be applauded for this innovative idea.

Hopefully, this initiative will become a nationwide one, and that other sports teams will be encouraged by the initial steps taken by Wexford GAA.