Wexford Selector And Former Defender Keith Rossiter Opens Up On Racism In The GAA

Current Wexford hurling selector Keith Rossiter was a guest on Beat 102-103’s What’s The Score Podcast recently…

Speaking to Beat 102-103, the former Wexford great opened up on an incident that occurred in a National Hurling League game during his playing days.

“It was a league game. The killing part was that the referee heard it aswell, and didn’t really act on it and that was sort of disappointing at the time. It was a League game, I got over it fairly quick, but when you’re on the field, it can provoke you.”

“It was only that one day. Other than that, it was the general guff that every other player gets really…”

Rossiter did note however, that these incidents were isolated incidents, while the Oulart-The Ballagh clubman strongly believes that the GAA does not have a problem with racism in today’s age.

“My experience has been positive. From looking at the matches, going to the matches, seeing the different nationalities and different races playing, in this day and age, I don’t think it’s an issue at present.”

“The supporters, in fairness, we all here the different comments coming from the crowd, even when you’re playing. But, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a racist chant coming from the crowd, aimed at any player, at any match I’ve been at.”