Dee O’Keeffe: “The Year’s Not Over, We’re Not Happy To Just Finish Up Here…”

After fifteen years, Bob is finally back Slaneyside…

One player who continues to be a model of consistency, is St Annes’ Dee O’Keeffe. Popping up with crucial scores from play, or doing the underappreciated but never unnoticed donkey work, O’Keeffe can always be depended on for the Purple and Gold.

Speaking to The Irish Mirror, O’Keeffe and his Wexford counterparts are adamant that while they’re delighted to win the Bob O’Keeffe Cup, their focus will soon change:

“It’s been 2004 since Bob O’Keeffe has been in Wexford so we’ll enjoy this. Then we’ll get back at it again.  

“The year’s not over though, we’re not happy to just finish up here, I don’t think there’s any player in that dressing room who has got to hurl in the month of August so that’s massive, they’re all looking forward to it.”

The St Annes club man also explained how Davy Fitzgerald’s winning mentality pushed the Wexford players that extra mile during Sunday’s decider with the Cats:

“There was a lot said that day that we went down there. One of the things was that we knew Davy was a winner all his managerial career and we wanted to be the same.”

“It was just about trying to go the extra mile to get to a day like today. Look, this group of players, we believe in our ability, we know what we’re capable of, but we also know that if we don’t work hard and bring all those things he’s asking for, we’re going nowhere.” 

Wexford will be looking forward to another trip to Croker, where the winner of Tipperary, Dublin and Laois awaits the Yellowbellies.

Photo Credit: Joe Dixon