Former Wexford Manager Warns Tipperary Ahead Of All-Ireland Semi-Final Clash

A former Wexford manager had a strong warning for Tipperary ahead of their All-Ireland semi-final clash with the Yellowbellies on Sunday…

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Colm Bonnar, a the current Carlow manager, was at the helm in Wexford from 2008 to 2011. The Tipperary native was speaking to the Tipperary Star lately and he certainly isn’t ruling out the Yellowbellies chances of reaching an All-Ireland final:

He likened Wexford’s style to that of the now injured Bonner Maher, who is renowned in GAA circles for his ferocious work-rate and intensity:

“Bonner Maher’s style is what Wexford are; every one of them. They will work so hard – they will win balls, they will take you on, they will pass it on and they will create scoring opportunities. It will be like marking fifteen Bonner Mahers out there in terms of how Wexford play this game.”

Bonnar then went on to compare the differences between the Leinster Championship and the Munster Championship, stating that Leinster counties like Kilkenny, Wexford and Dublin never fear playing Munster counties as Munster counties lack the manic intensity that Leinster counties bring to the table:

“It will be a huge challenge for Tipperary to try close down the runners and bring it into a real battle; that’s what Wexford had to learn to do because Kilkenny are the masters at it. Tipp know how hard Kilkenny can play it and the intensity levels that they bring and Wexford have learned to do that, too. To survive in Leinster that is what you have to learn to do. I think that is the big difference between Munster hurling and Leinster hurling – sometimes what lets down Munster hurling is that lack of a manic intensity.”

“I often hear Kilkenny lads and other Leinster lads talk about how they never fear playing a Munster team because in Munster it is just free-flowing – it’s good hurling and it’s good on the eye, but the intensity levels that your Kilkennys and Wexfords have learned is going to be a bit of a surprise to the Tipp lads,” Colm Bonnar said.

“It’s hard to describe it in words, but it’s just a manic intensity on every ball. It will probably take Tipp a bit by surprise and they need to be ready for it. Wexford have their eye set on getting to an All-Ireland final.”

Photo Credit: Nicola Reddy Photography