LISTEN: Wexford Prankster Calls County Council Asking To Close Crossroads On Sunday Night

We’re less than a week out now ’til Wexford’s All-Ireland semi-final clash against Tipperary…

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Just like with the lead up to the Leinster final, the Wexford crowd seem like they’re getting in that buzz once again. For the Leinster final, we had sing-alongs and chants, viral videos, and Wexford fan favourite pictures from all over the world.

This time around, we’ve already had a Wexford fan draft his two-week notice to leave his job and a Wexford marketing student search for the Liam McCarthy Cup on his J1 travels.

But now, a creative prankster is the latest addition to the illustrious Wexford Weekly list of simply buzzing Wexford fans.

A prank-caller from Rathnure decided to ring Wexford’s County Council requesting the closure of the local crossroads. He’s looking to close a “quite owl road”in Rathnure on Sunday night after Wexford defeat Tipperary, but little does he know he needs to provide an eight-week notice to pursuit this.

“To do this, you’d have to give us eight-week notice right. We have a procedure in place if you want to close a public road.”

Give it a listen below:

Photo Credit: Nicola Reddy Photography