Wexford Sweeper Kevin Foley Talks About What Davy Fitzgerald Is Like As Manager

From the stands, it seems like a madman is in charge of the Wexford Senior hurling team. But for Fitzgerald to boast such a successful manegerial record, there’s quite clearly method to all the madness…

One player who has been pivotal to Davy Fitzgerald’s successful 2019 campaign with the Yellowbellies is Kevin Foley, who acts as the Yellowbellies sweeper.

Speaking to RTE, the Rapparrees club-man opened up about what Fitzgerald is actually like inside the dressing room, and what he’s like to play under:

“He’s unique in his ways. Whatever you see on the line, it’s nothing like that off the field. He’s special to us and he treats us like a big family down in Wexford. It’s a unique bond.

“He’s calm, he’s cool with us. He lays out the formations or the tactics for us and he just ensures that we’re going out to enjoy it.

“His hurling brain is second to none. He’s so outside of the box and thinking about the next plan or the next game and it’s brilliant to be a part of something special like that.

“His brain must be going 24/7 hurling, hurling, hurling. It’s fantastic for us to get the opportunity to work with someone so special and so into hurling. His love for the game is incredible.”

Photo Credit: Nicola Reddy Photography