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Matty Forde: “We’re At A Low Ebb, Probably As Low As We’ve Ever Been…”

Wexford football legend Matty Forde will be joining Paul Galvin’s backroom team, as the Kerry native takes over the Wexford footballers in the upcoming year

Speaking to, Matty Forde is relishing the opportunity to work with the Kerry football legend in the Sunny South East:

“I took a bit of time and had a think about it and eventually decided it was something I’d definitely be interested in” Forde told The42.

“I’ve a fair good idea of who he is and what he’s about and from speaking to him a couple of times, I like what I hear.”

“He’s exactly the same in person and that’s exactly the kind of philosophy he tries to get across.Just his passion for football. He’s a huge thinker about the game and thinks very deeply about it.”

“He looks at things that maybe other people haven’t seen. Everyone’s going to be saying it’s his first job in management and it is, but everyone has to start somewhere.”

“Something that struck a chord with me is he’s big on the basics and the simple things in football.”

40-year-old Forde, who recently helped his club team Kilanerin Ballyfad survive relegation to the Intermediate football ranks, says that Galvin’s appointment has been met with nothing but positivity around the county. And although he recognises that the Wexford footballers are in a bad place at the moment, it’s something to work on – and that realistically, the only way is up for the Yellowbellies:

“It’s very positive around the county,” said Forde to

“Everyone is saying that the only way is up and it is. I think the reaction is very good from what I’ve seen and heard over the last couple of weeks.”

“Everyone is in agreement that we’re in need of a shot in the arm. We’re at a low ebb, probably as low as we have been. It’s not dissimilar to where we were 20 years ago when I first played senior in 1999. We were at a really low ebb.”