Tom Dempsey Speaks For All Wexford Fans With His Recent Comments On Davy Fitz

Whether Davy Fitzgerald will remain in charge of the Wexford hurlers remains unknown…

Former GAA star and Wexford 1996 All-Ireland winner Tom Dempsey spoke to the Irish Independent lately, and it’s safe to say, his comments – and his desire for Davy to remain at the helm for another year – represent most Wexford fan’s wishes:

“I really think it’s important that they keep him for at least another year. Walking out of Nowlan Park four years ago after a 24-point hammering to Kilkenny, you couldn’t have said that Wexford would have a Leinster title four years later,” Dempsey said to the Irish Independent.

“Since Davy came in, we have been very successful in Wexford terms and the bottom line is that there is no ready-made replacement if he decides to not come back. The problem that we would have would be something similar to what Waterford have then.

“Davy has built a system and has the trust of the players, they are very much going in the one direction and it has taken three years to build that. If somebody new came in, they’d come in with new ideas.

“It wouldn’t be a simple job to change systems, change everything and gain trust so it’s important for Wexford that he stays at least another year and that they groom someone for the job during that time.”

As the weeks continue to pass without confirmation, speculation continues to rise, with Fitzgerald recently linked to the vacant Galway managerial position. Despite this, Wexford are committed to attaining Davy’s signature for another year, with Dempsey acknowledging that as time continues to progress, the task for finding the perfect replacement for Fitzgerald becomes an uphill battle.

“People are talking about Galway but I don’t believe Davy would go to Galway. If you talk to 99 per cent of Wexford people, they absolutely love Davy. They all want him to stay, he’s the Lord Mayor in waiting down there, they absolutely love him,” he said.

“I’m not sure where you would go if he didn’t come back. The first thing would be to get someone high-profile and I’m not sure if there’s anyone waiting within the county to take that job. It’s vital for us that he does stay.

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