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Liam Griffin Calls For The Introduction Of A New Hurling Rule

Liam Griffin famously guided Wexford to an All-Ireland hurling title in 1996…

Last week, delegates at a special GAA congress voted for the creation of a two-tiered football championship and the introduction of the mark, and the introduction of a ‘sin-bin’ rule in Gaelic football.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, the former Wexford manager highlighted the need to introduce the ‘sin-bin’ black card rule into hurling too.

“The great thing is that you don’t have to put a fellow off. Ten minutes is a serious penalty in hurling and football, except that it could lead to teams who lose a player becoming more defensive in that period,”

“I think it (football sin-bin) is a move in the right direction and if it is worth trying in football, it is worth trying in hurling.”

“There was a very cynical off-the-ball foul (on Damien Reck) in last season’s game between Galway and Wexford. It might not have been a red card but had the referee the option, it would certainly have been a black card.”

1996 winning manager Liam Griffin will tonight be inducted into the Gaelic Writers’ Association’s Hall of Fame at their awards night at the Iveagh Garden Hotel in Dublin.

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