Rat Infestation Spreads Throughout Wexford School

A rat infestation has spread at a local Wexford school...

The report follows on from a student’s Facebook post. The post has since been deleted, but it pictured several rats in a corner of one of the classroom’s in the school. Once the claim reached a member of staff at O’Loughlin Secondary School, the matter was quickly reported to the school’s principal.

Claims spread quickly throughout the school and the local community following the post, and these claims were unfortunately soon verified. Speaking to Wexford Weeekly, the principal of the school, Mark Johnson, confirmed the shocking rumours.

“I am shocked and disappointed to confirm that our school has been infested with rats. Never was there any signs of rats living on our premises. Our highest concerns are for the safety and welfare of our students. There are currently exterminators present in the school to eradicate this major problem. Our school will be closed until further notice,” he said.

A third-year student, who witnessed the rats in the school, said:

“When I looked down there was a lot of rats running around. To be honest with you, it frightened the life out of me and I immediately started screaming. Then everyone else started screaming when they seen them.”

The Department of Education have been informed on the matter and they have affirmed that they are doing everything in their power to help with the re-opening of the school, which accomodates over 740 students.

This post was written by a student as part of Mr. Redmond’s English class, which served to highlight the ease in which Fake News can be shared onto our social media channels. If you have read this far, please share this post onto one of your social media channels to promote this important message to our youth.