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WATCH: Rarely Seen Footage From 2004 Shows Brilliance Of Mattie Forde

The term GOAT is thrown around a lot in modern times…

But when it comes to possessing an array of talents on the Gaelic Football pitch, Mattie Forde is certainly in the argument.

Rarely seen footage, uploaded by Anthony Masterson, serves to highlight the absolute brilliance of Forde. The footage shows the Wexford footballer playing against Offaly in 2004, where the Wexford-man kicked 2-10 in an outstanding individual performance.

The 10,000 people, who were packed into Wexford Park that evening witnessed greatness, with a Maurice Fitzgerald-like outside of the boot shot from the sideline being the pick of the scores.

Watch the highlights from The Sunday Game below:

Shout out to Anthony Masterson for the link.

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