Wexford Cancer Patient Who Contracted Covid-19 Returns Home To Family

A Wexford woman who had contracted Covid-19 has returned home from hospital…

Mary Thompson, aged 62 from Ardcavan County Wexford, was given a hero’s welcome home after making an unbelievable recovery from the virus.

Mary, also a cancer patient, had just completed a six-week course of chemo and radioterapy in Dublin before she was admitted to Wexford General Hospital.

At Wexford General Hospital, she battled the Coronavirus for 32 days.

It wasn’t looking great for Mary. Her family were told to say their last goodbyes and soon after, preparations would begin for an imminent funeral.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, her daughter Anna stated that:

“We literally saw her twice when she was in Wexford General because the doctors called us in and say goodbye to her. The first time we were allowed to in was for 30 minutes to say goodbye.”

“It was horrible because she didn’t know what was going on. She was hardly able to talk or see us and it very hard to say goodbye when we really didn’t know what really was going on either. Then we were told to leave.”

Her recovery was incredible though. The Doctors couldn’t believe it, her family didn’t know what to believe, but when all looked lost, she started to recover:

“She started getting better after that which was amazing, and the doctors didn’t understand because she had been taken off all antibiotics at this point. They had been making her comfortable.”

“She started to show improvements, but because she was getting better we weren’t allowed see her for two weeks. It was hard, but it was a relief. We didn’t really believe it because we had such highs and lows.”

After a month-long battle, Ms Thompson is now at home with her family. Upon her return, family and neighbours stood on the local green and all engaged in a social distance clap to welcome her home.

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