Gardaí Intervene To Cancel Wedding On Short Notice In Bunclody

With just one hour to go, the Gardai in Bunclody intervened to cancel a wedding on Wednesday morning..

In normal circumstances, a wedding is very rarely problematic, but these are not normal times. During the heights of a pandemic, when the public are urged to continue social distancing, it’s no surprise that the Gardaí intervened.

On Wednesday morning, a couple were looking forward to tying the knot. The priest, Father O’Connor was also ready and speaking to the Irish Independent, he believes the Gardai may have “overreacted” because “it was an itinerant wedding.. and that the assumptions about them and their gatherings probably came into play.”

A Garda spokesperson stated the following:

“Fifteen people were ready to go and a white limosuine outside waiting to take them. When Gardaí arrived at the church, there were approximately 10 people there waiting with the groom. We subsequently rang Fr O’Connor and told him that under no circumstances should the wedding go ahead.”

Speaking to Amy Molloy of the Irish Independent, Fr O’Connor believed it was in the couple’s best interests, who already had their wedding cancelled two or three times, however he did not expect as many people to be in attendance:

“I’ve had to postpone this young lady’s wedding two or three times and she was very anxious to have it as soon as possible, so she phoned me up on Monday and asked could we go ahead with it on Wednesday.”

“I decided it was in her best interests to do so, so I made preparations for it and Gardai stepped in about an hour beforehand to stop it going ahead.”

“I asked the lady during the rehearsal the night before who would be attending and she said both families. Originally the idea was that it would just be both families and I said it was important there was going to be social distancing,” he said.

3 Replies to “Gardaí Intervene To Cancel Wedding On Short Notice In Bunclody”

  1. What do you expect same with funerals. The rest of us do what were told. My daughter got married last year . There were nine at the wedding.

  2. Should have let the couple get married there is people getting married everyday Scandalous bunclody guarda station should be shame!

  3. I no these people and lives by the law ‘I feel bad for the couple involved who had their wedding cancelled ‘they wanted to get married in the eyes of God ‘and had their hearts broken ‘God forgive and bring peace in their lives ‘good people seams to get it tough in these had times ‘some people needs to think before they talk ‘they were no crowds ‘and god bless our parish priest great man ‘we all need to grow up and pray for all people in these times of tryle ‘and everything will turn out alright ‘ most of this I have seen is lies ‘don’t be fooled by ink ‘thanks

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