Wexford Musicians Entertaining Public Going Live And Raising Vital Funds

One great thing about the lockdown is the fact that we often have live entertainment on our social media screens…

A number of Wexford musicians have been going live on their social media channels, entertaining the public while most were restricted to their homes during lockdown.

Namely, Wexford singers such as Aaron Berry, Roger Maguire, The Murphy Brothers and Dave Clarke have been going live on Facebook and through the Wexford Singers in Lockdown page.

While doing so, they have also been raising vital funds for Wexford woman Nancy Dempsey. There was a GoFundMe set-up for Nancy to help relieve the costs of her leukaemia treatment and the additional costs that unfortunately go with that.

At the time of writing, over €13,000 has been raised for Nancy.

One Reply to “Wexford Musicians Entertaining Public Going Live And Raising Vital Funds”

  1. Hi..I just want to clarify something. Although it is really nice to be mentioned in this article & to be acknowledged for my live gigs, I did not in fact raise any funds for Nancy Dempsey as I was already heavily involved in raising funds to provide PPE for frontline workers.
    I would not like to take any of the credit for the superb effort the other musicians have made.
    Congratulations to all.involved.
    Best wishes.
    Roger McGuire

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