Petition Set Up As Newly Qualified Teachers Being Treated Unfairly

Newly-qualified teachers across Wexford and the Republic of Ireland are being treated unfairly…

Upon graduation, a newly-qualified teacher must complete a probationary year in a school called the ‘Droichead’ process.

A set number of days have to be covered by the newly-qualified teacher throughout the year, while the NQT must also attend training days, and engage with a NQT support-team in the school.

When the pandemic hit Ireland, many were forced into temporary leave from work. Schedules changed and overnight, lives were turned upside down.

In March, not one teacher would have thought that the rest of their school year would consist of giving up on classroom duties, and teaching remotely from home.

NQT’s, who for the most part are working their own hours and are in their first year of full-time employment in a school, have these same responsibilities to uphold.

Despite this and even though the Irish Government stated that no NQT would be ‘disadvantaged’ because of the pandemic, their remote work outside of the school is no longer being recognised by the Department of Education.

A petition has now been set-up advocating that a u-turn is made and that their work from home is recognised, meaning that the NQT would complete their Droichead process without any other requirements.

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