Breaking: Wexford’s #BlackLivesMatter Protests Have Been Postponed

Two Black Lives Matter protests in Wexford have been postponed…

Two protests, planned for Gorey town and Wexford town, have now been postponed.

The news of the postponement comes after the protests came in for a lot of criticism across social media platforms. To reiterate, the public’s criticism was not due to the message of the protest; instead, it was due to its timing during the heights of a global pandemic.

Wexford people were concerned after spending months abiding by the Government’s restrictions that a protest like this would un-do all their hard work. Even though the group highlighted that social distancing measures would be in place, after “much consideration and long conversations”, the Wexford activists have “decided to postpone the demonstrations in Gorey and Wexford town.”

In a statement released through their social media channels, the group mentioned that the ongoing criminal investigation with the organisers of the protests in Dublin recently, was a contributing factor in their decision. They revealed that “we are also liable to face a criminal investigation if we go ahead with the demonstration.”

Black Lives Matter Wexford, the group who were organising the march, felt disappointed with some false information which spread via a local radio station:

“We have seen a significant amount of false information spread recently, claiming that we had not made an ‘official request’ to Gardai or the County Council regarding the demonstration. This is actually incorrect, and disappointing to see. Both parties mentioned were contacted extensively, despite no legal obligation to do so.”

The statement continued, but the primary message of the statement was that it the demonstrations are postponed, and not cancelled, meaning in the near future a demonstration will happen.

This news of its postponement will come as a source of joy for many concerned Wexford people. Perhaps, its postponement could lead to an even bigger protest, with many others joining in, when the time is right.

Right now, Wexford has 213 cases, one of the lowest in the Republic of Ireland and the second lowest per-capita, while the county has not seen a new case for two full weeks.

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