Gemma O’Doherty Says She Will Be Visiting Wexford Next

Wexford will be Gemma O’Doherty’s next stop…

O’Doherty, along with Jon Waters and their crew, will be travelling to Wexford next.

The controversial figure announced that Wexford will be her next stop via a Twitter post on Tuesday evening following their arrival to Arklow.

O’Doherty has been travelling the length and breadth of the country promoting her own agenda, despite the fact that there’s a pandemic ongoing. Just some of the pieces on her agenda include a ‘no to unlawful lockdown….no to the new normal…. no to vaccines.’

She travels from county to county using the tag of an investigative journalist. Journalists are considered essential workers and are permitted to travel beyond the Covid-19 restrictions.

We have reached out to Gemma for a comment, but other than ‘next stop’, it is not yet known when, or where, O’Doherty and her ‘Bunreach by the Beach’ crew will be in Wexford.

Both O’Doherty and Waters were in the news today after it was announced that the pair must pay the high court fees after they sought a High Court ruling to overturn the lockdown restrictions placed on the people of Ireland because of Covid-19.

9 Replies to “Gemma O’Doherty Says She Will Be Visiting Wexford Next”

  1. Dont go wasting ur pennies on petrol gemma u will need every cent ya have 2 pay those court costs 👍👍👍👍

  2. Neither her nor John Waters are welcome here….we have managed through the fantastic efforts of our frontline workers..supported by the people of Wexford to contain Covid 19. Why on earth would we want these two viruses coming to Wexford to grandstand. I wonder how much they are being paid by their backers to stir up anti-lockdown sentiment in order for big business to make money again at the expense of our health and lives

  3. If you people don’t want to know, see or hear them, then simply ignore them. It is the right of each individual to move around any County. They are peaceful people trying to educate the masses that our rights have been illegially taken from us. I don’t wish be robbed of my lawful rights but sad for anyone who is blind to to what is happening right before their eyes.

  4. You’re right Gemma, Covid 19 is just a scam.! My uncle died from it and my sister spent 2 weeks in hospital and still only partially recovered, but I realize it’s all just my imagination.!!

  5. Poor Gemma and John….failures in life and trying to crawl their 15 minutes of fame

  6. Two sad sad people who crave attention and publicity over anything else….careers gone ….surprised they’re not high profiling in the Blacks Lives Matter protests….out of their control I suppose and no sycophants fawning around them.

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