All The Results From The Wexford Weekly #CovidWexford Polls

Over the past two weeks, we have asked our audience to engage with the Wexford Weekly #CovidWexford polls…

Using our rapidly growing social media audiences, we asked a number of yes/no questions. The results from both our Facebook and Twitter page were combined and are available below:


Q1/ Wexford people, would you consider travelling within the next 3 months?

An overwhelming majority of our predominantly Wexford followers stated that they would not be interested in travelling abroad within the next three months. This was polled on 28 May for 24 hours. Our Twitter followers seemed more eager to travel abroad, with 24% of our Twitter users answering yes. Some Facebook users delved further into their reasoning, hinting that the two-week quarantine, safety, family, and a desire to spend domestically were factors in their answers.


Q2/ Wexford people, do you wear any type of face mask when attending public places (shops, town, etc)?

Again, the poll highlights that the majority of Wexford people are not wearing face masks in public areas such as shops, in town, or on transport. It’s worth noting that there has been additional promotion for the use of face masks since this was polled on May 29, as the WHO are now recommending that all Government’s encourage the use of face masks in public. Studies have shown that face masks can help protect other members of the public, should you unknowingly have the virus.

More Facebook users than Twitter users engaged with this poll. 46% of Facebook users stated they were wearing face masks, while only 17% of the polled Twitter users were. After combining the results, just 37% (158/423) of voters are wearing face masks when attending public places.


Q3/ Wexford people, do you think we are over the worst of this virus?

This poll ran for 24 hours on June 1st. There’s no doubt, that at the time, there was an increase of people flocking to the streets, chatting in groups, and venturing to the beaches due to the sunny weather. Since then, on June 5th, the Irish Government made a decision to accelerate the lockdown restrictions. Interestingly, on Twitter, 67% of the 254 voters believed we are over the worst, while over on Facebook, just 39% of voters believed we are over the worst. After combining both Facebook & Twitter results, 53% believed we are over the worst, while 47% believe the worst of the Coronavirus is yet to come.


Q4/ Wexford people, overall, do you think the Irish Government are handling the Coronavirus pandemic well?

This poll ran for 24 hours on June 3rd. 83% of the 186 Twitter voters believed the Government were handling it well, while on Facebook, 75% stated that the Government were doing a fine job. Some Facebook users elaborated with their ‘yes’ answers, stating that essentially, the Government are working on the advice of the CMO. Others who answered ‘no’ elaborated on the problems with nursing homes and how it should have been handled better. Overall though, it is quite clear that the public are supportive of the Irish Government’s decisions around the Coronavirus.


Q5/ Wexford people, do you think club action will return on July 31st, the proposed date from the GAA?

This poll started on June 8th. After the GAA announced their proposed dates for a return to action, many people across the land were delighted. Despite the fact that the coronavirus still exists, the GAA have proposed that they’ll start back their club action on July 21st. 174 people engaged with our Twitter poll, but just 78 engaged with our Facebook poll. This meant that the Twitter results held a lot more weight for this particular poll. The results show that Wexford people are optimistic that the GAA can stick to its plan of a return on July 31st.

A Thank You:

From all at Wexford Weekly, we would like to thank you all for engaging with the polls over the past two weeks and we hope that this gives some insight into the views of predominantly Wexford people.

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