Gemma O’Doherty Visited Wexford Yesterday, Thanks For ‘Warm Welcome’

Gemma O’Doherty visited Wexford yesterday evening…

O’Doherty, along with Jon Waters and their crew, travelled to Wexford yesterday evening.

The controversial figure and her crew arrived on Wexford’s beautiful Curracloe beach yesterday evening to continue promoting their #BunreachtByTheBeach campaign.

O’Doherty thanked the people who came to support her campaign yesterday and stated that it was a “great success”. She stated that she received a “warm welcome” in Wexford and that “a lot of local people are wide awake to the scamdemic.”

A video posted by Colin Wilson in reply to her tweet showed that she wasn’t thanking a lot of people, as only a small number of people were actually in attendance on Curracloe beach.

Watch and listen below if you are interested in hearing some of O’Doherty’s words from Curracloe beach:

O’Doherty has been travelling the length and breadth of the country promoting her own agenda, despite the fact that there’s a pandemic ongoing. Just some of the pieces on her agenda include a ‘no to unlawful lockdown….no to the new normal…. no to vaccines.’

She travels from county to county using the tag of an investigative journalist. Journalists are considered essential workers and are permitted to travel beyond the Covid-19 restrictions.

Both O’Doherty and Waters were in the news last Thursday after it was announced that the pair must pay the high court fees after they sought a High Court ruling to overturn the lockdown restrictions placed on the people of Ireland because of Covid-19.

The controversial crew plans to the travel to Waterford next.

12 Replies to “Gemma O’Doherty Visited Wexford Yesterday, Thanks For ‘Warm Welcome’”

  1. They should be arrested for putting peoples lives at risk & organising illegal get-togethers.
    The lives of those small percentage of people who pass away from this awful virus matter just as much as those who don’t care if they infect others through their ignorance.
    If any person from one of their gatherings is proven to have passed covid-19 on to another while purposely flouting the guidelines I firmly believe that they should be charged with actual bodily harm or manslaughter if that person passes away from the virus!
    Her hateful comments to the Gardai prove nothing to people with an ounce of intelligence except to compound her ignorance. “I am your master, I pay your wages”! Their job description may be civil servant but that does not make any of us their master. There are no masters in Ireland, we are all free people.
    This, however, does not mean that we are free to put others lives at risk.
    Just as an example; there are laws against getting behind the wheel of a car having taken any intoxicating substance despite the fact that the number of people killed in drink driving accidents is much smaller than the number of people who have, to date, driven while under the influence. If we lived by Ms. O’Doherty & Mr. Waters’ rants about each of us having the freedom to tell our “servants”, the Gardai, that, as their master, we are entitled to do as we wish, does this then translate to ‘the lives of those few are insignificant in relation to our right to freedom of personal choice to drink & drive’? Because by flouting the guidelines for covid-19 they are flagrantly putting peoples health at risk.
    Also, aside from the low mortality rates, this virus is much too new to understand the long-term health implications for those who have been lucky enough to have recovered from covid-19.
    I sincerely hope that there are enough people in our beautiful nation that believe that the safety of ALL must always come before the selfish wants of the individual to negate the ignorance of individuals such as these.

  2. I think the majority of people have enough cop on to know what is real and what isn’t. I don’t know much about coronavirus only that it has killed 100s of thousands of people around the world. I know less about Gemma Doherty. I’ve seen the video clips of her, and that is enough, I don’t want or need to know anymore about her. Anyone who speaks in the manner she does to other people has issues that go far beyond what she is preaching about. She’d be better off chanelling her her energy towards a proper cause. I hope the pair of them have to pay as much as possible for the farcical challenge to the restrictions brought in to save vulnerable people’s lives. Shame on both of them.

  3. The next gathering Gemma organises she should consider is on the peak of the sugarloaf on a stormy day . Absolutely pure out and out sad disturbed individuals the pair of them . It’s like there making a statement over there past failures in there lives and we unfortunately the nation have to listen to the pair of idiots . Gemma and John get this into your thick heads you actually don’t represent us the people of Ireland .now crawl back under that stone you came out of

  4. O’Doherty and Wattters two deluded hasbeens that think they know it all
    They know f*** all about f*** all like a pair of petulant children wanting to hear the sound of their own voices

  5. They should have both GONE for a dip, rebels WITHOUT A CAUSE, an embarrassment to our country

  6. Thanks Gemma and John, not afraid to go against the tide, it’s only dead fish that go with the flow🐟

  7. I am likely still alive along with thousands of others thanks to the tireless efforts of our government who have put lives above every other consideration in this pandemic. I am 71 with heart condition and having raised a large family am grateful for the chance to enjoy a relaxed few years enjoying them and my grandchildren. There will be some necessary austerity but that is always the price paid after a war to protect citizens. We must continue to pull together and not permit this divisive rhetoric to affect our national unity.

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