Here’s How To Track When The World’s Largest Plane Will Be Over Wexford

Watch your head! The world’s largest plane will be flying over Wexford this evening…

The might Antonov AN-225 will be flying over Wexford this afternoon.

The huge aircraft is on its way from China delivering PPE.

It has already made a stop in Kazakhstan to re-fuel.

It was due to arrive in Ireland yesterday with a huge consignment of PPE, but its journey was delayed due to technical problems.

It’s due to arrive in Shannon Airport at 13:39, and at the time of writing, it’s just about to head over England.

To track the flight’s radar, check it out here and enter the flight number ADB3429.

Update: The aircraft flew over Wexford about 1:20pm today. Reports that people could hear the noise of the plane’s engine over Wexford town and Rosslare, but the clouds made for difficult sightings.

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