The Pubs In Ireland Might Not Be Opening On July 20th Anymore

The pubs may not be opening on July 20th after all…

Ireland’s new Taoiseach Michael Martin has stated that the pubs across Ireland might not be fully opening on July 20th, as planned.

“People do need to behave. It could be delayed, yes. We are worried about it. Some of the scenes that were witnessed were very worrying because social distancing was not being complied with at all,” the Taoiseach said to Cork’s Red FM.

Ireland enters the final phase of the easing of the lockdown restrictions on July 20th, which would see all businesses, including pubs, re-open across the Republic of Ireland.

The Taoiseach’s comments comes after videos surfaced online which saw large crowds gathering on Dame Street in Dublin, with most drinking on the streets.

For the most part, people were not adhering to the social disatancing rules that are still in place, which has raised concerns as the country continues to battle Covid-19.

Right now, people are allowed to venture to pubs that serve food. If a person places a ‘’substantial’ food order of €9 or more, they can order alcohol – but under a time limit of 105 minutes.

Other businesses have introduced ‘take-away’ drinks, which has seen people order drinks in the ‘restaurant’ and then gather on the nearby streets.

The pubs were initially due to open in ‘Phase 5’, which would have occurred on August 10th, but due to the acceleration of the easing of the restrictions, they’re now due to open in two weeks time.

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