Here’s Who Tom Dempsey Fancies To Win The Wexford Senior And Intermediate Finals

Wexford hurling legend Tom Dempsey sat down with Ben and Garry of The Hurling Podcast to preview the upcoming Wexford hurling finals…

The former Wexford hurler and 1996 All Ireland winner sat down with Garry and Ben from The Hurling Podcast to preview this weekend’s finals.

2018 winners Naomh Eanna will take on the Shelmaliers this Sunday, while Tom’s club-team Buffers Alley will come up against Crossabeg/Ballymurn in the Intermediate Hurling final.

When asked who he believed would win the upcoming Intermediate Hurling final between Buffers Alley and Crossabeg/Ballymurn, Dempsey said:

“Buffers Alley won’t be an easy target in a final. The lads playing have plenty of experience in finals. Ciaran, Pat, Bobby Kenny, the likes of Andrew Kenny, who is a fantastic hurler — and they’ve got a few new hurlers. They’ve added a few new hurlers to their team and I think they’re just coming at the right time.”

“I suppose — and people will think — I see that Crossabeg/Ballymurn are favourites — but my heart, and my heart is just totally saying that Buffers Alley might just get over the line here. I’m very wary of predicting results now. I hope the Alley win it — and I think they can win it,” Dempsey said, speaking to The Hurling Podcast.

The Gorey men will be playing the Shelmaliers in the upcoming and exciting Wexford Senior Hurling Final. The bookies can’t separate the teams, but here’s what Tom Dempsey believes:

“A number of the Shels backs have scored a good few points this year. They really can hit you from anywhere and added to that — the likes of Conor Hearne, Ross Banville, who has been playing with a little bit of injury this year, but when they needed him, Ross was popping over frees from 90 yards to keep them in the game.”

“Sean Keane-Carroll, a very serious hurler; the Shels bring a lot to the table as well. I have been very impressed with them; they look very fit and they’ve good men over them.”

“Their shooting, their point scoring was quite amazing. At the moment, the team that are hurling better in my book are the Shelmaliers. They are hurling to the best of their abilities. Maybe it’s a bit unfair on Gorey, because they are in a county final and they’ve came through some very tight games. But going into the game, there’s a little bit more in Gorey — and the Shels have shown how good they can be. So after that, it’s just about taking your pick,” Dempsey noted.

“I tipped Gorey at the start of the year, but coming closer to the game, my head has to go with Shelmaliers,” he continued.

Listen to all of this week’s The Hurling Podcast below by clicking the ‘Listen in Browser’ button:

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