Cycling Group Submit Proposal For Cycle Route From Castlebridge To Wexford

A Wexford cycling group have submitted a proposal to Wexford County Council..

WexBUG have submitted an interesting proposal to Wexford County Council highlighting the need for a new cycling route.

Wexford Bicycle Users Group was formed in 2019 by Phil Skelton. WexBUG was established to represent the interests of cyclists and to promote cycling as a sustainable form of active transport in County Wexford.

“WexBUG represents all the people who cycle to work, to shops, to school, to the library, with children, with their mammy, for fun, for sport. We represent those people who already do this as well as those who don’t, but would like to.”

The group have highlighted the need for a segregated cycling route to be constructed which stretches down the main road from Castlebridge into Wexford town as there is ‘currently no safe cycling route’ here.

As per the WexBUG submission, Castlebridge village has the highest reliance on car travel across all of Leinster. 75% of all trips are completed by car.

WexBUG’s submission also notes how this route is regularly used by pedestrians and by cyclists, and thus, safety provisions need to be put in place.

The road stretches 5km and with the proposed cycle lane, it would take just fifteen minutes to cycle from Castlebridge into Wexford.

Other benefits include a reduction in Co2 emissions, improved health and fitness, and increased connectivity between the village of Castlebridge and the amenities in and around Wexford town.

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