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Gardai Called To Wexford General Hospital After Some Patients Refuse To Isolate

The Gardai were called to Wexford General Hospital after some patients refused to isolate…

Speaking to South East Radio, Dr Mick Molloy, a consultant in emergency medicine, said that some people with Covid-19, are leaving their isolation areas and are not following the protocols in place.

Furthermore, he highlighted how some patients are refusing to wear face masks on the hospital grounds, while others, who are Covid-19 positive, insisted on going outside for a cigarette. He emphasised how the staff need the people’s “cooperation” to keep people safe, so the virus does not transmit.

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“It’s leading to heated conversations at our front door. If you indicate you have had a Covid diagnosis, we’re not trying to stop people coming in, we’re trying to make sure that when we move you from the front door you’re going straight into a room so you don’t get exposed to other people and touch surfaces in the hospital,” he said, speaking to South East Radio.

“We’ve had to call the gardaí on more than one occasion this week to keep people in the rooms as they’re insisting on going out for cigarettes and walking around. We can’t facilitate it at this time. We’re trying to protect you and everyone else.”

It is causing much un-needed arguments and confrontations on the hospital grounds during an already difficult time for staff at the hospital.

A Garda spokesperson said that they were called to the hospital on January 25th and “on arrival at the scene and after conducting inquiries, a male who had previously attended the hospital was directed to leave the area” which confirms just one of the recent disturbances at Wexford General Hospital.

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