Wexford Man’s Website Will Be Very Handy Over The Next Few Weeks

This website will be a very useful tool over the next few weeks…

Last March, we reported on how a Wexford native had created a useful website to show individuals their 2km from home. The 2kmfromhome website has been developed further to aid individuals in line with the new Government guidelines.

Now, as from April 12th 2021, individuals can travel county-wide, and if they are travelling across the border, they should not be going beyond a 20km radius from their home as per the new Government guidelines.

A Wexford software developer, David Bolger of Devhaus in Gorey, has created a useful tool that tells you exactly where you can’t pass. It can be accessed using a phone, and it uses the location settings to place a 20km radius on the map.

Remarkably, over 5.6 million people from Ireland, Australia, Spain, France, South Africa and many more countries have used the website to find their exercise limit during restrictions.

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