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Shockingly High Number Of People On Waiting List For Driving Test In Wexford

This is a problem that needs to be tackled as soon as possible…

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It has now emerged that a shocking 3,365 people in Wexford are currently waiting for a driving test. New figures have shown that 1832 people are waiting in Gorey town for a test, while another 1533 people waiting in Wexford town.

Without a test, a provisionally-licensed driver cannot attain a full-license, despite the fact that a person may have their twelve compulsory lessons completed.

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Without a full-license, an array of problems arise for individuals. Provisional license holders still need to be accompanied by a full-licensed driver at all times, which is not ideal for people in rural counties like Wexford, who quite often need to travel.

Councillor George Lawlor pointed out that this issue should be tackled immediately:

“The government needs to tackle the spiralling driving test waiting lists. Many people are dependent on these tests to assist in taking up employment as we head out of Covid-19. Wexford needs one of the proposed pop-up test centres to try to tackle this serious backlog,” he stated.

No doubt, this is a shocking number. Something needs to be done, and something needs to be done soon because this is not fair on provisionally licensed drivers, most of which are young drivers seeking some independence in the form of a full-license.

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