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Paul Galvin Highlights How Davy Fitz Made His “Job More Difficult”

Paul Galvin’s managerial journey with Wexford was short-lived…

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On the most recent Irish Examiner Allianz League Football Podcast, Galvin highlighted how current Wexford Senior hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald apparently interfered with the footballer’s preparation:

“I had no difficulty dealing with the hurling manager until such time as he started to interfere a little bit with my operation.”

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“I was building a new team there. I made a couple of decisions to shake the thing up a little bit. And we were starting fresh with a young group. I had to keep my head down because there was a lot of stuff flying around and we needed to get results.”

One can believe that the things ‘flying around’ was the media criticism of Galvin’s decision to remove Daithi Waters and Michael Furlong from the panel. Following that, Tiernan Rossitter and Kevin O’Grady left the panel.

Soon after, Fitzgerald invited some of those players to his hurling panel but Galvin believed that was “a bit of a statement” from Davy. A run of victories in the Allianz Football League, however, was good enough for Galvin. He soldiered on with the Wexford Senior Footballers until he would soon leave his position because of time commitments.

“I did feel there was a bit of interference that made my job more difficult and made the situation down there difficult.”

“I had a very good relationship with the chairman but some of the things that went on… I think Davy wanted the training ground to himself. He wanted Ferns to himself down there. He certainly let it be known pretty early that we weren’t welcome in Ferns, the football side of things. Because some of the things he did made it clear to me that we weren’t welcome in Ferns basically. That was my take on the situation.” 

In a wide-ranging discussion, Galvin was further critical of Fitzgerald’s words to the media where the Clare man highlighted that he had a healthy relationship with the former Kerry All-Ireland winner. He said that behind the scenes, that wasn’t the case:

“The thing that really annoyed me about that was that he made a big man of himself in the media on the back of it. And he started talking about all the respect he had for me in the media and making a virtuous man of himself on the back of it. The reality behind the scenes, that wasn’t the case at all.”

No doubt, it is an interesting perspective. It further illustrates the role of the media and how the media may not always portray the full story.

In other Wexford Gaelic football news, new manager Shane Roche and his Wexford football team will be out against Waterford next weekend.

The full Podcast can be listened to below by clicking the ‘Listen in Browser’ button:

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