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Volunteers Sought For Community Archaeological Digs In Two Wexford Locations

Two archaeological digs will take place in Wexford this summer..

Calls have been made to the Wexford community to volunteer in the digs. The digs aim to recover the ‘lost towns’.

Two registration forms were made available online for those wishing to express their interest and to partake in the digs.

One of the digs will be at the Irish National Heritage Park in Ferrycarrig, while the other will be in the Clone area of Ferns, County Wexford.

The application form to register your interest has now closed for the Ferrycarrig dig which serves to highlight the interest that the free opportunity has sparked across the local community.

Despite this, registration remains open for the Ferns (Clone) dig which is set to take place mid-August, dependent on the harvest.

Clone is a high medieval church located about 2.5km south of Ferns town. The remains at Clone consist of a church, graveyard, three cross-slabs, sundial, a bullaun stone, and a piece of passage tomb rock art.

Excavations done by the IAFS in 2019, particularly the radiometric dates gathered then, seem to confirm an early medieval foundation at Clone, as well as indicate that the monastery ditches were backfilled sometime between the late seventh and early ninth centuries.

While the foundation date for Clone is unknown, radiocarbon dates and the potential association with Ferns suggest it is likely closer to the sixth or seventh century.

To register for the Clone dig, check out the application form here.

The digs are supported by both the Ancient Connections and the Wexford County Council.

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