Gorey Shop Robbed Of €1,400 Worth Of Goods

A shop in Gorey has released footage after goods were stolen from their shop..

Gorey Computer Solutions, which have newly located to 101 Main Street at the bottom the busy town, has warned other businesses to be extra careful after 1,400 worth of stock has been stolen from their shop.

“Watch your stock fellow traders and watch your phones guys if you are sitting outside. The two utter scumbags at the front of the shop just walked out with €1,400 worth of laptops while we were busy at counter,” they said in a Facebook post.

Video footage was released to social media, but it has since been deleted from the platform.

With outdoor dining now central to our way of living, the computer shop in Gorey warned that people who are sitting down enjoying a coffee or some food should be extra-cautious too.

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