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Yola FC Aim To Secure Place In League Of Ireland Once Again

The newly-formed Yola FC will be attempting to gain League of Ireland status..

Yola FC attempted to gain status last year, but their application was not successful after the FAI rejected the proposal in December of 2020.

Once again, Yola FC will be seeking League of Ireland status for the 2022 season.

In their mission statement, Yola FC stated that they will be a club that “invests in the local community.” They also stated that they will produce a “development-minded academy” whereby “all players can also play for their local teams.”

One aim of their academy is to “enable players to get to the LOI by giving them guidance and an insight into what is needed to success in our National League.”

Tony Doyle of Creane and Creane Insurance recently presented the recently-formed club with gear for the Yola FC academy.

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