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Owners Of Wexford Town Shop At ‘Wits End’ Over Series Of Thefts

The owners of a Wexford town convenient store are admittedly at their ‘wits end’ following a series of thefts..

The owners of Daybreak, located on 38 Main Street in Wexford town, have issued a statement on social media after their store has been stolen by thieves on numerous occasions recently.

“I find it extremely frustrating these days with theft in shops. Do the people involved in committing the theft not realise there are cameras everywhere and that they will be caught eventually? Or is it complete disregard for the law and a lack of respect for others property? Or taking advantage of a ridiculous JLO system that inexplicably favours the perpetrators?,” they rightly questioned.

“Regardless we are at our wits end with the carry on on the Main Street over the last while and enough is enough. Last night, the two girls who stole a significant amount of goods. Don’t worry girls it’s all on camera. It was the straw that broke the camels back and we won’t rest until you feel the full rigours of the law,” they said.

It’s sickening to think that acts like this are still happening and always, we feel for the business impacted too. The news comes after an eleven-year-old Wexford boy was robbed at his strawberry hut just recently.

After the thieves robbed the young eleven-year-old, the Wexford community responded positively by purchasing goods from the young boy. Perhaps, if you’re on the Main Street in Wexford tomorrow, you’ll do similar with Daybreak on Wexford’s Main Street and show them that us Wexford people support and appreciate them.

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