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Man Claims He Found “Cheapest Pint Of Guinness”, But Is There A Cheaper Pint In Wexford?

A Dublin man has claimed to have found the “cheapest pint of Guinness in Ireland”..

Dublin native Leo O’Shaughnessy recently found a reasonable pint of the Ireland’s tasty and creamy pint in Helen’s Bar in Kilmakilloge, Co. Kerry.

A pint of the black stuff in Helen’s Bar in the Kingdom cost Leo €3.90.

He issued a tweet stating that:

“Pretty sure this is the cheapest pint in the country. Although the young fella behind the bar tells me with some confidence that there is a place in Adrigole selling them for €3.85.”

The tweet has gathered a lot of media attention, especially from Dublin people, who often pay extortionate prices for a pint of Guinness.

According to local radio station Beat102-103, right now, “the average price of a pint of Guinness stands at €4.80.”

After coming across the tweet, we’re now on the look out for Wexford’s cheapest pint of Guinness. We’re pretty sure that there’s a few pubs in Wexford still offering pints of Guinness for less than €3.90, but time will tell to see if that is the case.

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