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List Of Acts Revealed For This Year’s Spiegeltent Festival In Wexford

A list of acts, who will perform at this year’s Spiegeltent festival, have been confirmed..

The organisers behind the Spiegeltent festival, based on Wexford’s Quay, have confirmed that a number of top acts will perform at this show.

Given the fact that it could not take place last year due to Covid-19, the organisers are hopeful that this year’s Spiegeltent festival in Wexford will be bigger and better than ever.

Here, we look at who’s playing at this year’s festival, the time that they will perform, and the cost to go and actually see the performance live.

Thursday, 21 Oct:

Andy Irvine, 8pm, (25 euro)

Friday, 22 Oct:

The Coronas, 8pm, (48 euro)

Saturday, 23 Oct:

Jack Lukeman, 7pm, (30 euro)

The Coronas, 10pm, (48 euro)

Sunday, 24 Oct:

Wild Youth, 7pm, (25 euro)

Hudson Taylor, 10pm, (28 euro)


Wednesday, 27 Oct:

Smokie, 8pm (33 euro)

Thursday, 28 Oct:

Prohibition Party, 9pm (35 euro)

Friday 29 Oct:

Des Bishop, 7pm, (27 euro)

The Academic, 10pm, (28 euro)

Saturday, 30 Oct:

Neil Delamere, 7pm, (27 euro)

Glen Hansard, 10pm, (45 euro)

Sunday, 31 Oct:

Mick Flannery, 9pm (27 euro)

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