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Watch: Opera Sang Out Of Windows In Wexford Town As Festival Gets Underway

The Opera Festival Wexford is a unique one…

The festival returned yesterday on Tuesday, October 19th, and will run until Sunday, October 31st.

The festival rescheduled the 2020 programme to 2021, and put an online and outdoor offering in its place last year.

This year, it’s already clear that the Opera Festival Wexford is back to its usual best.

Walkers who were strolling and shopping in Wexford town today had the pleasure of listening to two Opera performers on the Main Street.

The two opera performers sang out the windows, just above Barker’s shop. The moment was captured on video and it was shared to social media for all to enjoy.

It’s not the first time that something like this occurred though. Even though most events were cancelled last year, something similar did happen out of the same windows.

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