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Drive-In Cinema Is Coming Back — And They’re Showing Christmas Movies

The drive-in movies are coming back for the Festive period…

While they’re not coming back to Wexford, this post will be of interest to our North Wexford followers.

This time, the drive-in cinema will take place just down the road at the Beehive in County Wicklow.

The ‘Classic Drive In Cinema’ will be showing two movies this weekend. And the two movies that they’ll be showing are all-time classics too.

The Santa Clause will be on at 5pm, while Home Alone will be on the big screen at 8pm.

Tickets can be purchased online at Classic Drive In Cinema’s website.

Alternatively, to enter our competition in partnership with Classic Drive In Cinema, all you have to do is share this post onto your Facebook or Twitter page. The lucky winner will receive free entry for one full car to a movie of their choice on Saturday and free popcorn.

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