Wexford Manager Darragh Egan Pinpoints The Style The Team Needs Going Forward

New Wexford boss Darragh Egan will be looking for another win and to keep the ball rolling after the Yellowbellies defeated All-Ireland Champions, Limerick, in the previous round of the Allianz Hurling League…

Next up for the Wexford Senior hurlers is an away clash to Clare.

Speaking after the game to South East Radio, Wexford boss Darragh Egan pinpointed the style he wants the team to have moving forward:

“It is (a change of style). If you look at the first half, our best phases of our game were when we were carrying the ball through the lines and at pace. So, we are going to keep that part of our game. We are going to expand on it, layer it as much as we possibly can. That’s going to take a lot of work. An awful lot of work on the training ground.”

“These two months are going to be vital, especially for our younger players.”

We do not need to get too caught up on the style. We will be playing it as best we can through the lines, direct, but also a mix-and-match and a hybrid approach going forward,” Egan said to South East Radio.

The hybrid approach was an approach that seemed to work last weekend against John Kiely’s Limerick.

A lot of balls were being carried through the lines, but players were also looking up to see if they could hit a direct ball into Conor McDonald.

From watching the previous games, it does appear that Wexford’s new manager is trying to utilise McDonald as the inside forward as much as possible, and it’s something that a lot of Wexford fans will be thankful for.

The Wexford and Clare Allianz League game, which takes place on Sunday, will also be broadcasted live.

Featured Image: PJ Howlin

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