Number Of People On Trolleys At Wexford General Hospital Revealed

Sinn Féin TD Johnny Mythen has expressed deep concern about the number of people left waiting on trolleys last month in Wexford General Hospital…

He has called for the Health Minister to ensure that the Emergency Department Taskforce is reconvened to address this important issue. 

Speaking to Wexford Weekly, Teachta Mythen said:

“I am very concerned to learn that 197 people were waiting on trolleys or in wards in Wexford General Hospital without a hospital bed last month.

“Behind every number is a person who is facing ill health, pain and suffering and now on top of that the stress and indignity of being left on a corridor or other area of the hospital.

“Within all of these stories too is a family filed with worry and anxiety, who don’t know where to go to fight for the basic access to healthcare for their loved one that we would expect in our modern world.

“Finally, there are the incredible staff of Wexford General Hospital, who despite this chronic under resourcing do their utmost to make people in trolleys as comfortable as possible, often providing them with privacy, reassurance and care as best they can. What must they be carrying home with them every day from work?

“These are the real stories behind the figures that we must stop to consider.

“The government and HSE must take all steps to reduce hospital overcrowding. The Minister must ensure that the ED Taskforce meets and that all options are on the table.”

In order to tackle the issue and the growing concern, TD Johnny Mythen stated that both investment and reform is needed:

“Targeted measures for tackling emergency department overcrowding are required – both investment and reform are needed.”

“In the medium term, the government must work with stakeholders to implement a strategy which must include investment in Wexford General Hospital and expand acute hospital capacity and reforms in community care to keep patients out of hospital where possible.

“Any strategy for reducing waiting lists must include this essential component to stop ED overcrowding from interfering in scheduled care.

“This will require a joined-up approach across government departments, the HSE, and the health sector to ensure that major health infrastructure projects and reforms are advanced quickly and that funding is released without delay.

“These measures are needed to ensure we are not in this same position next February. The people of Co. Wexford deserve better,” he reaffirmed.

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