Five Great Colours For Your New Office

Focus and productivity in the work from home office space are the keys to maintaining a great work/life balance…

One of the key ways that you can ensure that your home office is a stimulating environment is to make a great colour choice. The right colours can enhance your mood – and that in turn can make the working day that much more pleasant.

Focus on Green

Green is a colour that has therapeutic benefits. It can lead to calm – and that can help to manage stressful situations. It is well known that an outdoor excursion can promote inner peace – and this has been attributed to the colours of nature, primarily green. It is worth noting that the interiors of many commercial office spaces have an abundance of green painting – it contributes to a stress-free working environment. That, in turn, allows employees to focus on essential tasks, free from feelings of negativity. Green also stimulates creative thought and promotes alertness, essential in today’s high-pressure working environment. You can shop for similar paints from EI Coatings.

The Calmness of Blue

Blue can assist in promoting a positive mindset – and stimulating mental processes, both of which aid in increasing productivity. Blue not only stimulates the mind but also promotes feelings of calm and tranquillity. Shades of blue increase focus and reduce feelings of stress, enabling employees to reach their full potential.  Learn more about the colour blue today.

The Comfort of White 

White may seem a vanilla choice when it comes to office paint, but it does also provide a feeling of space. That feeling of space provides employees with an impression of breathing room. It provides a sense of comfort and satisfaction – both of which promote efficiency – and a sense of comfort.  

Classic Black

Black may seem to be a dark choice for a work environment, but it has a reputation for promoting efficiency. It is not merely an absence of light, it is a deeply emotive colour. It may not be the perfect colour for all office spaces – but when used sparingly can allow other colours in the spectrum to really shine. Get some black room inspiration now.

Reliable Brown

Brown is a deeply masculine colour and its earthy tone can provide an aura of comfort and reliability. It also sends a signal of seriousness. However, it must be used judiciously. In large amounts – or in its darker shades it can make a room very gloomy and oppressive. Used with natural wood it can bring out the lustre and beauty of wood. Used with mouldable or rich wooden trims it conveys a feeling of power and security.

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