Damien Fitzhenry Reveals The Best Six Hurlers He Has Ever Hurled Against

Legendary hurling goalkeeper Damien Fitzhenry appears on this week’s show of A Hurler’s Life…

Like always, the Offaly host, Brian Carroll, asked a number of questions. One question that always gathers a lot of interest is when Carroll asks the hurler to name the best six players they’ve ever played with. He posed that question to Fitzhenry and although challenging, it wasn’t a bad six, to say the least.

Another question that sparks a lot of interest is when Carroll asks the player to name the best six hurlers they’ve ever played against.

Speaking to Brian Carroll on ‘A Hurler’s Life’, the Wexford great stated:

“It’s going to be Brendan Cummins (in goal). What a keeper. A fantastic shot-stopper. He was phenomenal. Take off saves, he was a brilliant all-round keeper.”

“In the full-back line, I’ve picked JJ Delaney. He was some hurler, like. Good in the air, very strong and if you got your score off JJ, you earned it. He had the vision, the hurling, could get back, get the hook, and most importantly he was a fantastic hurler.”

“I couldn’t have had the six without having Brian Whelahan there. The biggest compliment I could give is that I had to steer away from Brian with my own puck-outs. That’s testament to how good I thought he was.”

“I couldn’t put six down without putting Tommy Walsh into it. Not the biggest man in the world, but high-ball, low-ball, it didn’t matter. He was exceptional.”

“Moving into the half-forward line, it has to be Henry Shefflin. He was just an awesome hurler. When hurling in the goal, you can see what he does off the ball too. He was just exceptional. Probably one of the best ever to play the game, sure. He was magic.”

“It has to be DJ Carey (in the full-forward line). There wouldn’t be too many of the lads that you’d be fearing, but you’d have a nervous enough sleep the night before when you know you’re facing DJ in the full-forward line. Give him half a chance and he would take it. He was brilliant,” Damien Fitzhenry said on the ‘A Hurler’s Life’ podcast.

The full podcast, which is an excellent listen, can be listened to below:

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