Wexford Auctioneer Apologises After Asking For €2k To Get Onto ‘Priority’ Housing List

An auctioneer from Wexford came in for some backlash online over the last few days…

The backlash comes after the auctioneers, Bridge Auctioneers from the Castlebridge area of Wexford, had requested that their clients pay a €2k deposit to be placed onto a ‘priority’ housing list.

The development was at Gleann an Ghairdín in Gorey, Co. Wexford.

The auctioneers had sent an email to 200 of their clients who were looking for a house in the area, but little details regarding the properties or the price of the properties were mentioned in said email as seen by Wexford Weekly after the email was shared online.

“If you wish to be put on the priority waiting list, and therefore secure first preference on a property type in the next phase, we require you to a pay a deposit of 2000.00 to Bridge Auctioneers now,” the email from Bridge Auctioneers read.

The auctioneers have since made a u-turn regarding the email which they sent to 200 people who were either hoping to get onto the property ladder, or wanting a new home in the area. They stated that it was a mistake and that they have apologised for the email.

“I now understand the back lash is about the booking deposit which is fully refundable for the priority listing. This was done because of the lack of property and the demand. I get now that people are not happy about it so I am withdrawing this offer and will just keep lists and it will be a first come first serve basis. I apologise for any offence taken, it was not meant.”

“It wasn’t something I’d considered before but the developer was telling me that as he had been talking to an auctioneer and this had apparently been done on several different developments.

“It is something I’d never done before and it’s certainly something I’ll never do again,” Ken Murphy said.

While the auctioneers did apologise for their actions, it does serve to highlight the multitude of problems that are facing people who are looking for houses in today’s market.

Bridge Auctioneers, which was set up five months ago, have seen their Google Ratings plummet down to 1.1/5 stars, as some people decided to vent their anger out there.

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