Huge new ‘YellowBelly’ mural completed on Henrietta Street in Wexford

A brand-new mural featuring an iconic character from the craft beer scene has been painted on Henrietta Street…

The new mural on Henrietta Street. Painted by the talented Lisa Murphy. 

If you have walked along the main street of Wexford Town this past week, you may have noticed a new mural taking shape on Henrietta Street.

The stunning mural is the work of supremely talented artist Lisa Murphy. Murphy utilized a cherry picker in her undertaking of the monumental project.   

The art piece is located on the side of gastropub Simon Lambert & Sons, also known as Simon’s Place. As many readers will know, Simon’s Place is the home of YellowBelly beer, Wexford’s leading craft beer that has received numerous accolades both nationally and abroad. 

The maritime-themed mural features YellowBelly Beer mascot ‘YellowBelly’ at the helm of a ship on one of his adventures. The character of YellowBelly is YellowBelly Beer’s official mascot and features on many of their signature beers.

YellowBelly Beer’s official logo, featuring their mascot YellowBelly.

YellowBelly has even featured in a series of comics which are a part of the ‘YellowBelly Tales’ comic universe. These comics, which are available online on the YellowBelly Beer website, feature YellowBelly travelling across different countries, timelines and realities. In 2018, ‘The BlueBelly Trilogy’ saw YellowBelly face off against his archnemesis, ‘BlueBelly’. 

The character of YellowBelly was created by Paul Reck, creative director of YellowBelly Beer. In a blog post from last year, Reck revealed that inspiration for the character included the film Gangs of New York and The Pikeman statue in the Bullring, Wexford Town. He describes the character as:

‘an inter-dimensional time traveling brewer, but he had pretty humble beginnings. He started life as an amalgamation of all of the Brewery founders, combining their traits under the umbrella of a top hat and a moustache. He has since gone on and grown with us, becoming a character in his own right, taking on a life of his own and sharing his adventures through our beer labels and the ever-expanding “YellowBelly Tales” comic universe.’

If this mural is evidence of anything, besides Lisa Murphy’s incredible artistic talent, it is that YellowBelly certainly has taken on a life of his own. Now immortalized in this mural, YellowBelly has been cemented as a beloved mascot not only of YellowBelly Beer, but of Wexford also.   

For more information about YellowBelly Beer and how it became Wexford’s leading craft beer, check out this column we published last year.

Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley

Luke is a student and a lover of all things Wexford. His favourite topics include Wexford history, entertainment and local events. 

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