Joanne McNally Puts the Pro in ‘Prosecco Express’ at the Spiegeltent Festival 

The hilarious Joanne McNally brings her ‘Prosecco Express’ tour to the Spiegeltent… 

On Thursday night, stand-up comedian Joanne McNally delivered a gut-busting performance at the Wexford Spiegeltent Festival. 

The Irish comic has featured on numerous RTÉ productions including The Republic of Telly, The Commute and The Late Late Show. She also co-hosts the podcast ‘My Therapist Ghosted Me’ with Vogue Williams.

McNally’s fame is not contained to Ireland however; she has recently shifted her focus internationally and has made a splash on the UK comedy scene with a sold-out Soho Theatre run. McNally has also featured on Comedy Central’s online series Comedian’s Solve World Problems

Joanne McNally, comedy, Wexford Spiegeltent
Source: Wexford Spiegeltent website

McNally’s opening act for her Irish and UK shows is the supremely funny Gearóid Farrelly. Farrelly began his set with a joke about how audiences are usually bemused with an opening act for a comedian that they paid to see. However, it didn’t take long for Farrelly to win the crowd over. 

It is not often that an opening act does such a good performance that you would be content with having paid to see them alone, but Farrelly’s comedic chops are so good that you will be left wanting more. Going from topics like an eventful Shania Twain concert to the COVID-19 pandemic and news media, Farrelly pulled out all the stops in making this a night to remember. By the end of his set, he had well and truly won the crowd over. 

It will therefore be welcome news to many that Farrelly is bringing his own, ‘Glamour Hammer’, tour to Wexford’s Crown Bar on November 18th. For more information about Farrelly and his tour dates, you can visit his website here.
McNally’s opening act, Gearóid Farrelly.

After a short interval, the star of the show arrived on stage to thunderous applause. McNally graciously complimented her opening act before diving headfirst into her own material. McNally commands the stage with a charisma that can only come from years of honing her craft. Her delivery is as natural as your best friend talking to you in a pub. 

Her material was described by Lyn Gardner at the 2019 Vault Festival as ‘hilarious and brutal’. Two words that you would not always associate with each other, but in McNally’s case it is extremely fitting. Her comedy pulls no punches and shows that she is not afraid to poke fun at anybody and everybody, most of all herself. 

Her show contains a wealth of material from aging and relationships to heavy drinking and in-vitro fertilization. She is sometimes shocking and all times funny. I think her most appealing factor is her brutal honesty which comes across as authentic, enhancing the hilarity tenfold. 

Now that her Spiegeltent show has ended, McNally has brought her ‘Prosecco Express’ tour to the UK where she will play in the cities of London, Birmingham and Cardiff, to a name a few. She will be back in Ireland in December to play shows in Vicar Street, Dublin. If you get the chance this year, the ‘Prosecco Express’ is one well worth travelling on.

For more information about Joanne McNally and her tour dates, you can find her website here.  

Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley

Luke is a student and a lover of all things Wexford. His favourite topics include Wexford history, entertainment and local events. 

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