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A New Era Begins in Monck Street as the Crown Quarter Officially Opens

Celebrations occurred on Monck Street as the Crown Quarter held its official opening ceremony…  

On Thursday 10th of November, the Crown Quarter on Monck Street held their official opening ceremony, marking the occasion with ribbon-cutting and an evening of fun, food and drinks. 

The ribbon was cut by Wexford Mayor Maura Bell at 18:46 in the evening. This precise time was chosen as a nod to the year that the Crown Bar first opened its doors as Coachman’s Inn, a poignant sign of respect for the history of the Crown Bar and the legacy of the businesses that came before. 

The Crown Quarter is a banner that encompasses several different establishments on Monck Street. Some of these have been established as early as this year, with owners Colm and Anthony Neville investing millions into the acquisition and renovation of several properties on Monck Street. This venture has created dozens of new jobs and increased tourism for Wexford Town. 

One of such new establishments is Jasper’s, a vibrant restaurant with a team of talented chefs and servers. The menu is designed by Executive Head Chef Tony Carty, a well-known chef with decades in the industry. 

Another Crown Quarter business comes in the form of the newest bar on Monck Street, Kitty’s Bar. Kitty’s Bar is located in the building of the now closed The Loch and Quay pub. Adjacent to the new pub is Brew Burger, a café specializing in coffee and burgers. 

There is also the Crown Live, Crown Quarter’s live event venue, which regularly hosts concerts and comedians. The Crown Quarter also invites tourism in other ways by operating a twenty-six-room self-service hotel.

Last but not least, in the very heart of the Crown Quarter, there is the Crown Bar itself. The Crown Bar has a rich history on Monck Street and in recent years has become a highlight of Wexford’s nightlife.

Developments are far from over at Crown Quarter where there are plans for a retractable roof over Monck Street to be completed in the coming year. The construction of this retractable roof will be the cherry on top of the cake that is the recent revamp of the street, which included the road being paved and pedestrianised. 

After the ribbon-cutting, Mayor Maura Bell and Colm Neville each gave speeches ushering in a new era for Monck Street and Wexford Town. Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of public figures, staff and customers, Neville spoke fondly of the other businesses on Monck Street and their joint mission of providing customers with high quality hospitality.

“With our neighbouring hospitality providers on the street (…) being Spice Indian restaurant, Madina Grill, T Morris Bar, Mocking Monck Bar and Maggie Mays Bar (…) we believe the hospitality offering in the Monck Street area will be world class and we are very proud to play our part in delivering this customer experience,” she said.

Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley

Luke is a student and a lover of all things Wexford. His favourite topics include Wexford history, entertainment and local events. 

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