We Test Chat GPT Knowledge Ahead Of The Wexford V Antrim Hurling Game This Weekend

There has been a lot made of AI (Artificial Intelligence) lately..

Chat GPT is probably one of the more advanced AI systems on the market. To test out its hurling knowledge, we decided to ask ChatGPT a simple question:

“For an article, write about six talking points ahead of the Wexford v Antrim Leinster hurling championship which takes place this weekend.”

Not all of their response was correct, and we have labelled some incorrect parts in brackets. This is their response:

Wexford’s Need to Bounce Back:

Wexford suffered a disappointing loss to Galway in their opening game of the Leinster Championship. They’ll be looking to bounce back with a win against Antrim to keep their championship hopes alive.

Antrim’s Recent Form:

Antrim comes into this game on the back of two impressive wins in the Joe McDonagh Cup. (Incorrect: Antrim come into the game on the back of a draw against Dublin in the opening round of the Leinster Senior hurling championship). They’ll be hoping to carry that form into this game and cause an upset against Wexford.

The Battle in Midfield:

The midfield battle could be a key factor in this game. Wexford’s Aidan Rochford and Diarmuid O’Keeffe will be up against Antrim’s Conor McCann and Neil McManus (Incorrect: Rochford has not featured in a while, O’Keeffe plays at sweeper, McCann has not featured, while McManus plays in attack for Antrim). The team that comes out on top in this area could gain a significant advantage.

The Impact of Home Advantage:

The game will take place in Wexford Park, giving the home side an advantage. Will the support of their fans give Wexford an edge in this game?

The Importance of Discipline:

Both teams will need to be disciplined in their tackling and avoid giving away unnecessary frees. With free-takers like Wexford’s Rory O’Connor and Antrim’s Neil McManus on the field, a high number of frees conceded could prove costly.

Key Players:

Both teams have key players who could make a difference in this game. Wexford will be looking to players like Lee Chin and Conor McDonald to provide the scoring threat, while Antrim will be relying on the likes of Conor McCann and Ciaran Clarke (Incorrect: have not featured) to make an impact. Which players will step up on the day?


While ChatGPT does raise some valid points and a solid foundation for an article, it’s clear that many pieces of information remain incorrect. Despite that, it shows that the future of some sports writing could be heading an inevitable route.

    Wexford Weekly
    Wexford Weekly

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